How To Grant Access To Your Facebook Page When Hiring Someone

How To Grant Access To Your Facebook Page When Hiring Someone

Do you want to hire someone to manage your Facebook Fan Page? If so, here are the steps you need to take in order to grant them access. If you’d like more information on setting up your business’s Facebook Page or managing your marketing accounts on Facebook, please check out this helpful article we wrote on the subject!

Step 1. Create New Facebook Business Account

Create a new account for your business manager. This will allow you to provide them with their own access credentials, rather than giving them direct, privileged access to one of your personal accounts. Then invite and approve that person’s account as an Admin under “Page Roles”. For example, I set up a new Facebook Business Manager account called “Fan Page Management” and invited my employee.

Once he accepted my invitation, I made him an Admin in my personal FB account by going into Settings > People > Add People and clicking Add a role.

Why do You Need Facebook Business Manager to Manage Ads?

The main reason for using Business Manager is that it allows you to manage all of your Facebook marketing efforts in one location. Here’s how Business Manager can help:

  • Centralize the management of all your Facebook advertising efforts: manage multiple accounts, create ad sets, and manage ads and landing pages. You can assign team members specific rights to manage your pages or accounts and delegate tasks. There’s no longer a need for you or anyone on your team to maintain separate login credentials across different accounts.
  • Separate your professional and personal accounts: You can create multiple profiles for both work and personal use, allowing you to protect your privacy. Your business information is private from your friends’ prying eyes.
  • Share assets with others: The business Manager allows you to make all of your account information available for viewing, editing, and publishing by team members. You can also share specific posts and pages to give other people permission to publish content on behalf of your company or brand.

Step 2. Log into Facebook and Create a New Fan Page

If you already have a fan page, skip step this step. If not, go ahead and create one. You can follow along with me as I set up my new Facebook business page in Business Manager (make sure you do Step 1 first or else it won’t work). Click on that little gear icon next to Create a Page then click “Get Started” under Business or Brand Pages. Now fill out everything.

Step 3. Grant Full Access to Your Existing Ad account (if applicable)

If you already have a Facebook Ad account, skip Steps 1 and 2. Log into Facebook Business Manager. Click on admin in the top left-hand corner of Facebook Business Manager then click on “Manage Platforms”. Under connected applications and websites click on ads. On that page scroll down to provide data access, click it, and then select “Full Access” to give them full control over your existing account (which is fine if you know exactly what you’re doing, otherwise follow steps 1-2).

Important tips to keep in mind

  • The faster you grant access the faster the Content Manager will start working on your Business Fan Page.
  • Trust is the key to working as a team, if you don’t trust in giving access to someone for managing your business accounts, then you need to reconsider hiring someone and doing it yourself.
  • Good communication between you and your content manager will warrant an easy workflow and will let you have the results that you are expecting to have.

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